Ventilation duct, ventilation tube and fittings

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Plastic ventilation ducts and ventilation tubes are ideal for removing humid air from homes and commercial premises. The ducts can be connected to bathroom fans, extractor hoods and other extraction equipment.

Which ventilation tube do I need?

The basic rule is: do not narrow. Keep to the dimensions of the extractor hood or fan. However, you can change from round to flat or vice versa. Bear in mind that:110 x 54 mm duct is equivalent in capacity to 100 mm tube. And 220 x 90 mm duct equals 150 mm tube tube. Our tube is suitable up to temperatures of 70 °C.

How do I install an exhaust duct?

We offer a wide range of bends, connectors, t-pieces, fasteners, wall penetrations and grids. Everything fits together nicely and can be made completely airtight with sealing tape. Rigid non-flexible tube gives the least resistance and therefore the lowest noise level. The less resistance, the greater the drainage capacity of the created duct. Always try to use as few bends as possible: bends increase resistance.