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✓Animal-friendly, does not shock

✓ Display screen

✓ Automatic bark detection

✓ Built-in sensors

✓ Painless due to vibration and sound

✓ Adjustable and reflective strap

✓ Suitable for dogs from 5 kg to 50 kg.

✓ Includes lage 6V battery.

✓ CE certified

✓ Available in various colours


Barking dogs do not bite, but barking can be a nuisance to you as the owner and to local residents. Can’t control your dog’s barking? Our animal-friendly anti bark collar is the solution!

Thanks to the automatic bark detection and built-in sensors, this device detects your dog’s barking. Vibrations and sound are used, so you don’t have to worry that your four-legged friend will experience pain.

Due to the adjustable strap, the anti bark collar is suitable for most every dog. The collar can be adjusted to a neck circumference of 67 cm, which makes the collar effective for dogs from 5 kg to 50kg.

The band has two modes: ‘Fixed’ and ‘Cyclic’. The fixed mode makes it possible to maintain a fixed training pattern. On the other hand, the cyclic mode automatically responds to you dog’s barking. The more your dog’s barks, the more signals the collar gives.

Thanks to the 6 different settings and two sensitivity levels, you can set the device exactly to your dog’s needs. The different positions are easy to read on the display screen.


01: 3 second beep

02: 3 second beep + 3 second vibration

03: 3 second beep + 6 short vibrations

04: 5 second beep + 6 short vibrations

05: 3 second beep + 12 short vibrations

06: 3 second beep + 15 short vibrations


Sensitivity levels:

S: Very sensitive.

G: Less sensitive


A large 6V battery is included. Does the display show an L?

Then the battery needs to be replaced. Order an extra battery right away, so you also prevent excessive barking from you four-legged friend in the future.


Available in various colors: black, white, blue, red, pink and yellow.

Original price was: £29.40.Current price is: £16.40.

Out of stock

SKU: 9150023 Category: